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9 Grahas effects

9 Grahas effects are the planets and they are not simple planets of space.

They deal with natural law and govern the entire universe. For instance, Sun, the Surya graha or planet represents consciousness,

while Moon, the Chandra represents cosmic mind, Mercury, the Budha shows cosmic intellect, and so on. All the nine grahas are related to every individual life and human physiology with its counterpart in functioning.

Each planet has a specific influence and accordingly a separate nature as well as position.

Speaking of 9 grahas effects, Sun and Moon rule only one sign for instance Leo and Cancer, while Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn and Venus rule two signs.

Rahu and Ketu rule some signs, but are shadow planets who cast their influence as per planets influence or association.

Likewise, Mars rules Scorpio and Aries, Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, while Jupiter rules Pisces and Sagittarius, Venus rules Libra and Taurus and Saturn rules Aquarius and Capricorn.

9 grahas effects and their influence play a key role in every individual's life. Sun, the father of stars is the largest planet. People with ruling planet will have large and round face and they will be determined and decisive. Sun owns Leo and his friends are Moon, Jupiter and Mars, while his enemies are Saturn and Venus, but Mercury is neutral.

Moon is the nearest planet to the earth and Moon influences growth of plant life.  People with moon as ruling planet will have charming eyes and white complexion with short stature. People governed by this planet excel as cooks, nurses, grocers, gardeners, stewards, clerks, confectioners, and more.

Mars is an outer planet and people under this planet have a shade of red, will be muscular and tall with round eyes and narrow waists. Mars rules sex organs, head, bladder, face, and also rules gold, copper, steel, etc. People in this planet are inventive and are perfect designers, managers and builders.

Mercury is close to Sun. Mercury influences nervous system, arms, tongue, perception, bowels, mouth and expression. People in this planet make good orators, linguists, reporters, writers, teachers, accountants, etc. They possess quick wit, good memory and imagination.

Jupiter is a giant planet and rules higher education. He governs liver, blood, arteries, veins and thighs. Jupeterians are jovial and they are good bankers, philanthropists, brokers, theologians, etc.

Venus is closer to Sun and the brightest planet. People under this planet are of average height, pimpled and round face, plump body, pleasing voice and eyes, curly hair and a sweet smile. Venus governs kidney, throat, ovaries and veins. They are good at drama, singing, painting, opera, acting and music.

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