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Gemstones play a significant role in Indian astrology. Gemstone refers to the rock or the organic material used in ornamentation or jewelry.

Pearls and Opals are styled into jewelry without polishing or cuts, and are hence called as gemstones.

Diamond is a type of gem as it is cut and polished and the beauty is visible. Certain organic materials such as coral, pearls and amber are considered to be gemstones.

The gemstones are also known as crystalline rock. The gemstones appear like an attractive mineral and are used in making jewelry and other adornments once it is cut and polished.

Gemstones originate from the earth and the others are originated from various other chemical components and hot fluids. The gemstones are available deep under the earth such that it is brought to the surface of the molten rocks, but is available only by explosions.

Crystallization of stones is done from gases and hot fluids. They solidify when cooled. These stones are formed into liquids, and then are filtered into the crack as well as pockets of the rock. The stones are formed as the rocks are heated as well as are pressurized by the movements of natural earth. They are then once again formed into a different mineral.

The gemstones characteristics are specified by the gemologists. These are expressed in refractive index, specific gravity, fracture, cleavage, dispersion and luster. These gemstones also exhibit double refraction and may have a distinctive absorption spectrum as well as luminescence.

The gem varieties are over 30 and besides these there are rare collections of gemstones as well. The gemstones are classified on the basis of color, cut, clarity and carat weight. The color grading is very important in determining the value of these gemstones. Gemstones are intensely colored materials available today to the extent that the span of rainbow colors is easily available.

Gemstones are popular as astrological remedy to adverse counteracting of planetary effects. Gemstones are selected carefully suitable to the planetary positions so that it brings mental peace, success and prosperity. There are semi-precious gems used in making idols and other ornamental items.

However, the original gemstones carry lots of significance as they have medicinal as well as healing power to shield against the bad effects of planets. Gemstones are known to heal people from fatal illnesses.

There are navratna gemstones relating to nine planets so that it boosts the planets power and eliminates the malicious effects. The nine-gem ring can be worn by any person as it showers money, fame, name, respect, grandeur and mental contentment.

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