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Health or Medical astrology is perfectly analyzed by Vedic astrology and they as well predict the present as well as future health conditions.

This astrology reveals the health maladies expected to occur,

in fact even the body parts that may be affected and how and when it will become apparent.

This is one of the important branches in astrology that is of immense use since thousands of years and has shown astounding accuracy.

Health or medical practitioner analyzes the weakness and predicts the ailments, besides giving preventive and curative measures.

However, health or medical astrology indicates your body strength and its capacity to resist the illness.

There are planets combinations that as well bestow good health. Subsequently, there are combinations of planets causing chronic suffering. The work and position of the planets are important as each planet holds a different part of the bodily function.

Health or medical astrology is determined by a person's horoscope. The birth chart of a person indicates the psychological functioning on the whole and hence an astrologer can clearly identify the type of disease expected to manifest and the areas of the body that can get affected and the time when it may affect. Even a healthy person is declared to be having disease and a frail or weak person is able to resist diseases and all this relates to fate called Karma. Understanding this is essential as it shapes the vital possession, health.

Birthstones are strongly recommended to solve health problems. Gems are many and each one has a distinct quality in supporting an aspect such as Mercury for liquid cash and Jupiter for properties. Wearing a birthstone is considered to be appropriate for everyone, while the Nava Ratna is a ring having all the nine stones embedded in one and is also found to be worn by many. This may bring astonishing wonders to some, but is not a recommended solution to all.

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