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Intuitions are a branch of Indian astrology. They refer to the intuitive powers that are regarded to be divine.

The ability of sensing something may happen even without any logic related is called as intuition. Intuitions are deep visions that give us insights about the future.

The birth chart of astrology is based on the calculations done by an astrologer and this is based on the intuitive powers of bringing the best as well as accurate results.

An astrologer does not totally rely on the intuitions as he depends on the birth chart and time. The balance between intuition and logical reasoning offers the best results. The strong belief is that astrologers having intuitive powers predict precisely the distant future. Moreover, such astrologers having the powers of intuitions are highly preferred than astrologers having mastery in the same subject.

The intuitions based astrology may sometime appear to be wrong and unacceptable. But, majority of the times they turn to be effective. However, the intuitive thinking is now not accepted as recently the people are more defined and logical.

This has led them to accept the objective approach that is based on birth chart study, movement of planets and positioning. This is found to be of immense use than the intuition. However, intuitions cannot be ignored as they are of great use in many occasions and come as a pre-warning so that a person can become alert.

Discipline, meditation, healthy life, positive thinking and self belief are some of the principles to discover intuitive powers. There is also a very strong belief that astrology is also a way of saying things by intuition. The intuition relates to the subconscious mind and also refers to the super-conscious mind.

Thus, intuition brings forth both the sub conscious as well as the super conscious mind. The subconscious mind is the target of the astrologers that is tapped usually and this is an approach based on the model. Astrology focuses on the birth time and date and this is put on a chart and the grahas denote the planetary movements and its effects as well as side-effects.

Majority of the times, the predictions based on the chart never go wrong. Similarly, intuition as well relates to things that are common and regular happenings. This relates to astrology in the form of probability. Hence, intuition is very much a part of the astrology, but not rule the completion of astrology as it is based on calculations and records. However, intuitions have a serious effect on the person experiencing it.

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