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Indian Astrology is a very old science that is now a very integral part of human actions. Indians strongly believe astrology and adhere to its sayings.

Certain rituals are practiced in vogue to worship God.

There are devotees subscribing various faiths and have also determined the obeisance towards God, the supreme.

The believers take a step towards pilgrimage to holy places, read scriptures, offer prayers and perform rituals, decorate holy places, meditate, make offerings and contribute in mass prayers.

Besides this mass of believers, there is a minority group seeking truth who does not consider the outward rituals with primary importance. They seek the indwelling divinity by the means of contemplation, concentration and meditation.

Mantra Jaap is a repeated chanting of text or some divine name. This is a part of the spiritual practices. Performing mantra jaap is repeatedly chanting the name of the lord and this is done in the aim of seeking help and upliftment.

The divinity consciousness is filled to such an extent that the realm of the spiritual literature is well-known and the best effective mantra jaap is the Gayatri mantra jaap. This is also known as the Guru Mantra. This mantra is efficacious for inner-self refinement.

This jaap mantra is the essence of ancient scriptures called Vedas. The celestial wisdom as well as science is a combination of the Vedas. The nuclei of man develop to control over various forces and the mind controls all these faculties.

Mantra jaap is the time-tested remedy in the astrological forms and specific problems are found solution by performing Vedic pooja. The overall progress improves by reciting mantra, but one cannot find miracles overnight.

The spiritual standards are maintained at a fair level and the mantra jaap shows tangible results by washing away negative influences and as well by improving the positive effects. The troubles or problems may not disappear totally, but acquiring the inner strength and facing the intensity of troubles with confidence and courage is instilled.

Mantra Jaap is done with faith and the minimal things expected prior to saying mantra Jaap is taking bath, wearing clean clothes, lighting incense stick and a lamp and offering prasaad. Mantra jaap can be said sitting anywhere. This completely depends on the convenience of the person doing it.

The mantra jaap can be done by sitting alone or front of god or using beads. However, it should be pronounced correctly as it is believed to clean the karma of an individual. Saying mantra jaap regularly empowers a person such that the negative thoughts are driven away and the cleansing of the past is done smoothly.

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