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Meditation offers a spiritual experience that is intensely personal. The purpose of this technique meditation is to bring awareness into a positive direction and this is done by transforming the state of mind of a person.

Meditation is turning inwards by concentrating towards the inner self.

The complete process of meditation entails stages such as dharana (meditation), enlightenment (dhyana) and Samadhi (absorption).

Individuals meditating start by harnessing the awareness by focusing the mind to a particular object. The attention that gets engaged gains more concentration and this turns into meditation. Meditation brings self-realization and highlights the knowledge of one's self.

Meditation is directed towards gazing inwards to attain peace of mind. The therapeutic benefits are discovered by practicing meditation. The altered state of relaxation and consciousness are induced by meditation and are found to be effective in psychotherapy.

Meditation is useful for inculcating positive attitude in life. Meditation is a religious practice owing to its spiritual element and is an integral part of the religion. The basic objective of meditation styles are performed such that they vary as per the religious framework.

The length of the meditation period varies from one person to another. Meditation is a concentrated attention and involves the inward mind. Meditation works for personal development to attain peace and to become healthy physically and mentally. Meditation is done by sitting straight by holding the spine and the head in alignment.

The hands should be placed comfortably on the arms and knees of the chair. The person meditating should not lean or rest against the back. People seated on the floor can sit cross legged. Kneeling on the floor is as well appropriate by keeping the buttocks on the heels and the toes touching the floor. However, the spine and head should be in straight alignment and the hands should rest on the thighs.

There are postures to lie down relaxed keeping the legs straight. Meditation is essential for spiritual growth in combination to fasting and obligatory prayer. Meditation is focused single-pointedly and the reality is seen naturally. Initially, while meditating the concentration lacks and the thoughts start wavering to great lengths.

But, gradually, when this is put into regular practice concentration towards focused aims and objectives are accomplished. Meditation helps in concentrating time towards an object and this on the other hand helps in knowing the good and bad.

Moreover, a person attains absolute peace of mind such that the restlessness gets vanished. Meditation helps in making a person calm such that they are able to take decisions correctly without wavering mind.

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