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Indian astrology is based on many things such as astrology, kundali and various other forms. Numerology is the study of numbers.

This has gained popularity in the recent days. Numerology is viewed as a ray of hope for frustrated people.

The numbers are believed to influence people to a very great extent. The numbers revealed in numerology helps people and the study of numbers is normally calculated on the birth date and time.

The power of numerology ensures success and is appropriate for changing life. Numerology is the concept that embodies particular planet and its vibrations such that each alphabet has a corresponding vibration. The numbers influence the basis of the personality depending on the birth date.

Numbers are the compelling forces to the destinies. Numerology assists in comprehending the relationship and influences of numbers and the insight of the world. Sages as well established the relationship between names and numbers and now this concept is simplified and more westernized.

Numerology is done taking into consideration the birth date numbers. For instance, a person born of 23 July 1987 will be considered as 2+3 =5 as the basic number showing the mercury vibrations and the personality of the qualities are determined. Individuals born on 14th, 5th and 23rd have their basic number as 5.

The alphabets also have corresponding numbers. The vibration corresponds to the personality traits of a person and the basic number explains the characteristics imparted by the number. It is defined that each number exhibits inherent qualities and the given name as well corresponds to the vibes of that number.

The basic number goes in accordance to the planet. The power of numbers has a great influence in life and significant inferences and the numerological value is determined in relation to the number. People born with numbered dates such as 1 to 9 irrespective of the month have imprinted traits.

However the compound numbers after 10 as well corresponds to the single number. For instance, 23 exhibit the identical characteristics of basic number 5.

Numerology is based on numbers and it is said that numbers adhere the rules of karma. There are effects of the numbers that bring reward or change the spell of life. This is certain that numbers influence administers as well as the professional life of any person.

For instance, people with numbers 21 or19 certainly have a rewarding life and on the contrary people born on 29 or 8 are prone to face challenges that required. The numbers are related to the karmic reward and this is the reason now that many are trying to change the spelling of their names.

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