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Indian astrology- Palmistry is quite popular and is also known as Hasta rekha vigyan. It is a branch that is sought after.

Palmistry is studied in a scientific fashion such that it embodies Vedic philosophy in association with the available cosmic forces.

Palmistry is also one of the ancient forms of Indian astrology that has prominence all over the world.

People love to know about the future or the present by merely showing their palms.

Nearly 153 lines have been studied well as well as recognized in the palm. This is a spiritual insight that is done by studying and defining the readings known as Atma rekha. Analyzing the palm and reading it as a blue print originated from the ancient mystique of India.

The palm reading tells the present, past, karmas, future, life issues and personality of a person. Hands are the recipients of electrical impulses that consistently flow from the brain. The reality is that the coordination between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind in relation with the hand is truly amazing and miraculous.

The energy flow and nerve endings in the palm are responsible for etching the presence of lines as well as the mounts existing on the palms. Palmistry refers to studying these lines as well as signs to understand the details of a person.

Palmistry is highly influential and widely accepted as every sign in the palm informs something about that particular person. The important cosmic force and palm signs are alterable through changing situations in our life. The hands are viewed as active and passive hands.

Individuals using right hand are considered as right active hand and the left hand individuals treat it as left active hand, while the other hand besides the active hand is known as passive hand. The passive hand is considered to be the main that any person is born with and that it conveys the traits of any individual. This hand is susceptible to conscious efforts.

Palmistry determines that the active hand is very essential to study palmistry, but this also requires the passive hand for stating the references. The passive hand refers to the past life states the Vedic palmistry. The remarkable difference of the palms indicates the person's progress or degradation in life.

It is believed that the inherent luck is followed. Palmistry involves the study of both hands and is done with more insight. Palmistry clearly reveals the past and also the future. However, it also states the present situation.

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