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Vastu is a tradition of the Hindu and Indian astrology. The architecture and town planning involve with Vastu.

Vastu meant physical environment that is based on certain principles and knowledge. The Hindus are staunch believers in astrology, beliefs, myths and traditions.

They are not far from Vastu as well. Vastu is identical to Feng Shui that harmonizes the energy flow.

The Vastu can be classified into four categories such as the earth called as bhoomi, the movable objects are yaana, the furniture is sayana, and the directions relating to home is known as the Vastu. The Vastu determines the direction of the home and the relating rooms in a house. This is concentrated by the Hindus to a great extent.

Vastu states that the East is governed by Lord Indra. This is the main god and giver of pleasures and is the direction of rising sun that is essential for various reasons. The north-east direction is governed by the God and hence this direction is always expected to be kept scrupulously clean and neat.

This is the demanding direction and is highly receptive as a welcome. The fire that refers to the storehouse of energy is the south-east direction. The south direction relates to the god of death and the south-west direction is the place of Putna demoness.

The west direction is the place of Varuna, the god of ocean. This is the setting of sun that presents with the infra-red radiation. The north direction is the place of kuber, the wealth god. And the north-west direction refers to the direction of wind or air that is invisible.

Vastu does not relate only to houses, it is applicable for the offices and businesses. The temple located in the office should never be positioned behind the seat of the owner and the owner's seat should face east or north. However, the seat should never face south.

The owner should always have a seat that has a solid wall behind. The desk of the owner should be rectangle. Similarly, the middle point of the house, office or factory should be left empty. Vastu science makes the best in energizing physical and mental energies.

It is believed and accepted that taking the consideration and aspects of Vastu offers maximum convenience, security and comfort as well as maintains perfect harmony in the work place and home allowing enjoying wealth, health, growth and prosperity. This is taken into consideration and has evidences of prosperity and peace at home or at work place and businesses.

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