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General Motors India

General Motors India was established in 1994 as a joint venture with the CK Brian Group of Companies.

The joint venture lasted till 1999 when GMOC decided to buy the remaining shares and completely own the company.

That same year, restructuring of the company took place, converting the company from public to private.

General Motors India is now owned by the world’s largest automaker GM. This automobile company India is located in Halol and has its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana.

General Motors India began business of assembling operations in 1928 but this stopped in 1954. This company decided to join forces with Hindustan Motors to produce Opel branded vehicles. The short partnership lasted till 1999 when General Motors India bought Hindustan Motors.

GM India continued to produce the Opel vehicles until 2003 when they decided to start manufacturing Chevrolet vehicles. Today, Chevrolet is the fastest growing brand name in India. The car is known for quality, safety, reliability, environment friendliness and innovation.

This company now has 95 sale points and 110 service points. It also plans to expand its service points and manufacture Chevrolet mini cars. In order to serve its clients fully, this company has opened call centers that work 24/7 to answer clients complaints and offer information related to its products.

If you buy one of this company’s Chevrolets you will be offered fixed cost servicing and maintenance within the first 3 years.

General Motors India products have been rated as best in respect to their prospective market. The company has a plant located in Halol which received the Quality Management Certificate in 1999. It also received the ISO 14001 a certificate given for proper environment management.

It was also awarded the prestigious 3 Leaves Award by the Center For Science And Environment. This company has received many quality awards from various state governments. Due to the increasing demand of Chevrolet vehicles, its manufacturing plant in Halol has expanded from 60,000 units to 85,000.

The company is also constructing a new plant in Talegaon which will be producing 140,000 vehicles annually. Apart from manufacturing and selling cars, other operations include research and development and purchasing and financial support services.

This company is one of the stable automobile manufacturing companies in India. In future, there are plans to reach clients in every country across the globe. General Motors India earns high annual revenues and offers employment to many Indian citizens. Therefore as the company grows we also expect the Indian economy to grow.

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