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Bollywood has always been a place for great personalities, talent and creativities. World’s varieties of talents get blended here and parceled to the globe audience, get judged and bests are found out, in true sense.

In the world of Bollywood, audience is everything. The entire industry goes on the wish of its viewers only. What the viewers want, the industry is bound to carry it out, at any cost. Personalities into this business are considered as the most creative persons and the way they show their creativity is quite commendable and constructive to the society as well.

A film is produced with not intent to entertain people; it is produced for many reasons. It can an allegorical also, which carries a message to bring affirmative changes in the society or humankind. Hence, a movie or cinema is not just a medium to make entertainment through. It is something very specials for humankind to keep it alive and healthy.

In such creative and productive domain, there are some people who have always given their best to bestest and a great help to grow the Hindi Cinema Business to today’s status. Bollywood is counted among world’s one of the largest film industries for its innumerous numbers of film productions. And such status might have never been possible to be attained if these handfuls of multi-talented people had not been there.

Here you go with top 10 ever-green Bollywood actors:

Dilip Kumar
He had maintained being among top ten popular actors of Bollywood round-the-clock. His brilliance and formulas of delivering dialogues were like items to be picked up by the majorityof audience. His on-screen tranquil character and profound speeches used to impress large numbers of audience at once. The kind of variations he used to bring through his acting could ever be done by any other actor of Bollywood. He is simply unmatchable.

Raj Kapoor
Raj Kapoor, he was a person, who used to thought as pioneer of Hindi Cinemas to the globe audience. His uniqueness in the acting still is used in auditions at present days. Directors are like throwing his dialogues to be uttered in the same way to the newly comers to Bollywood. He was an accomplished actor showman and an entertainer, in true sense.

Amitabh Bacchan
The one and only Big B of Bollywood who has just made his recent Hollywood appearance with Hollywood’s acclaimed actor Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie of The Great Gatsby. He is a person, who was born with grammar of acting. He can be considered as the book of acting. His numbers are still agile above the total film list of Bollywood till date.

Rajesh Khanna
The hero, specially known for his romantic acts. He used to be considered as first hero who sowed the seeds of romance in Hindi movies, in true sense. His movies pairing Mumtaz rocked on the platform and till date partial generation goes crazy after the songs.

He can be termed as the true entertainer. His serious rules used to make audience sit back to the seats and comedy roles, used to make audience drop their tears out of laugh. The complete package of a true performer is him only.

Dev Anand
His is still famous to the global audience. His unique style in movement and dance, made a large audience be his fan. He used to bear a kind of intoxicating stuff in his eyes and speech deliveries. Eye-contact was great and made films just as real as it barely seems to be with any other actor.

Rishi Kapoor
He is simply good at shaping a blend of entertainment, humorous and serious movie. These three moods, always used be the key three senses of his initial movies. Till the date, he is chosen by many directors to give a strong back up to any fresh movie even. He touches the roof of acting.

Amir Khan
Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood.  He does lesser movies in numbers but he does quality movie than others. Either he wishes his movie to be the nominee of Oscar or the winner of all other awards in India. His dreams are less in numbers but great in quality. That is Amir Khan.

Salman Khan
The hunk of Bollywood and dream of every girl. He is smart, dashing and intelligent. He is funny, serious and a true entertainer. His movie numbers are all super hit just because of his versatility and variations in the characters. He likes to be liked all the time.

Shah Rukh Khan
The highest-paid actor of Bollywood. His daily charges for an Ad is above millions. His popularity is universal not worldly even. His is loved by all the generation of humankind and all these because of his flawless acting and sweet relation with his audience as well.

Akshay Kumar
The Khiladi Man of Bollywood. He is stunt king and comedy king. Before Shah Rukh Khan, he used to be the highest-paid actor of Bollywood, just because of his self-employed stunts.  He is such an actor, who likes to make audience laugh, love and be happy.  


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