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Sarika was a child actress in 1970s and she became a bollywood swan eventually. 

She was amidst peak glamour girls with looks which befit supermodel environment as well as a body worth reckoning.

She was cast frequently as a westernized or vamp girl.  Later on she could grab the status of a good heroine eventually. 

Movies like Geet gatha chal, Grahapravesh, Vidhaata, Nirvaan, Kunwari Bahu created favorable sensations in the history of filmdom.  She happens to be a wife of Mr. Kamalahasan superstar of Tamil and Hindi filmdom.

Sarika was loved by the camera and she was an obvious choice with the help of a blatant voyeuristic gaze.  No matter whatever may be the size of the role she might have had in the film the camera could be fairly counted to feature her close up of Sarika’s lovely face in a proper manner.

  After she married Kamalahasan, she left filmdom by retiring from acting to clad on a traditional role of a housewife.  Thus, Sarika was a hot celebrity India as well as a top bollywood actress who won many a laurel in the history of Indian cinema.

In spite of the fact of retirement Sarika remained active in the industry and became a noted costume designer mostly in the movies made by her husband.  In the year 2000, she bagged best costume designer of the year 2000 award. 

Now she lives separately from her husband due to certain reasons.  Sarika is now supporting her children’s film ambitions and aspirations even against husband’s wishes.   She is undoubtedly a very good bollywood actress survivor.  

Thus, Sarika happens to be amongst playing leading roles against top stars and has taken to costume designing in a big way.  A lot of famous producers such as Barjatyas have made films with her and she has been able to bollywood celebrity status for a long time.

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