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Personal History
Vyjayanthimala is an Indian actress who was born on 13th August, 1936 at a place known as Chennai in Tamil Nadu. She speaks Tamil and has been an actress since 1950.

She has taken part in various movies and won several awards for her dancing achievements and acting abilities.

The bollywood celebrity has also taken part in politics and has actually been a Member of Parliament at one time.

Vyjayanthimala is married to one spouse; Dr. Bali. She attended school at Sacred Heart Church Park Convent in Chennai and has trained in various classical dancing skills including a South Indian type of dance. The bollywood actress traces her dancing skills to the time when she was only five years old where she got an opportunity to present herself before the Pope.

When Vyjayanthimala was aged 15, she featured in a film known as Vazkhai that was an AVM Productions movie. While featuring in it the bollywood celebrity displayed her great dancing abilities as her dancing skills were highly praised by viewers of the film. Her first movie roles were in films such as Nagin and Ladki that proceeded to become huge successes in the film industry.

Acting Career
Vyjayanthimala has starred in films such as Ganga Jamuna, Madhumati, Naya Daur and Leader. These earned her awards and nominations as the best actress. She has also acted along other great actors in the movie industry including Sangam and Raj Kapoor. Ss got married to Dr. Chamanalal. Immediately after her marriage to him, the hot celebrity india put her career on hold and relocated to Chennai.

Vyjayanthimala joined politics as a member of the lower house. Later the hot celebrity india got nominated as a member of the upper house. She published a splendid autobiography called Bonding which she co-wrote with Jyoti Sabarwal.

The bollywood actress owes her success in politics and the film industry to her determination and passionate nature. She is a religious actress who upholds virtues such as honesty, kindness and forgiveness.

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