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This is basically a commercial bank registered in 1994 after India’s reserve bank gave green light to other banks to practice or render financial services to the people.

The promotional of HDFC bank was necessitated by the growing population of India and the pressure the national bank was facing.

Housing development Finance Corporation established in 1977 did the promotion.

The bank managed to become a member of the trading banks in India by receiving the centurion bank of Punjab by amassing more than 1000 braches in the whole of India.

In 2008 on May 23, banks with roots to centurion bank of Punjab were allowed to operate after getting the license of operation. With more than 2,890 ATMs and 1500 braches, HDFC bank has a well and extensive networks all over India. Its services are in more than 530 cities with online linkage twenty four hours of service.

On September 30th 2008, HDFC bank recorded or posted a record INR 1006.82 billion in total assets; this was one of the best performances of the bank since its inception.

The services offered by the bank are varied and leaves the customer satisfied and happy with the way services are offered. The services include;

  • Accounts and deposits: customers are allowed to keep their money and also make some deposits.

  • Loans: loans are also available where people can borrow money for later payments with some interests. This is made possible by the skilled and qualified professionals at the bank.

  • Insurance; insurance services are not limited either; people who have valuable and/ or precious items invite the banks for security purposes. The risks are what people least expect in a business venture and therefore will strive to seek someone to share the risk with.

  • Payment services: the transactions are effectively handled by the bank and anyone who wants to make business dealings is advised to use the bank. The HDFC bank has these services at its best.

  • Trade and Forex services: the bank makes it possible for its customers to trade in the stock market without worries of loosing it’s their stake. Forex reports are also made available with the online help. The modern n technology has played a major role in cultivating HDFC bank to get where it’s at the moment.

Due to the networking of its services, the bank has made it easy for anyone to find out about the bank and most importantly have the best services in the shortest time possible.

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