How to Pay LIC Premium Online

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Most Indians have an LIC policy on their name or in the family. This is because LIC is most popular among the Indians among the other insurance companies. Now that the LIC company has made the online payment option available, the users and clients find it easy to make all the transactions easily.

There are however a few steps that are involved in making the premium payment online.

Steps To Make Online Payment of LIC Premium

The following steps will elaborate and explain the process to make a premium payment online:

  • Go to the LIC site, click "Online Services" on the right side of the page. The Online Payment page will open.
  • You can select either the "Registered User" option or the "LIC Pay Direct" option. The first option is for registered users agents, development officers and branch login. The second option allows you to enter your policy number and make the necessary payment.
  • Click either of the options and enter the details that the page asks for. Once all the details match with the data in the LIC database, you will be able to make the payment with your debit or credit card or Net Banking.
  • Once you pay LIC premium online successfully, a digitally signed receipt is sent to your e-mail account.

Benefits of Online Payment

The various advantages of making online payment for LIC premiums are:

  • It is fast and does not involve an agent to take the payment.
  • It can be done from anywhere and anytime as long as you the internet connection.
  • There are no extra charges for making these online transfers.
  • You do not have to wait for the receipt for days after making the payment.

Helpful Pointers

The following tips to pay LIC online are beneficial to most:

  • Do not ask anyone else to make the payment for you.
  • If you have registered yourself on the site, do not share your login details with anyone.
  • In case you do not receive a digitally signed receipt after a successful transaction, contact the office and notify them of the matter immediately.
  • If you receive an error message after the money has been debited from your account, report the occurrence to
  • In case your first transaction fails, refresh the page and then go ahead with the next time.

All this information are helpful for those who want to go online and make these payments.

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