How to Transfer Existing Bank Account to Another Branch

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Many of us have developed the idea of transferring the bank accounts but stopped to implement the thought to avoid all difficulties. Generally customers think that they will have to face several troubles if they transfer bank account to another branch.

hey fear from the existing bank, even they fear from the new branch as they think that this new bank will create some problem for not having quality credit histories and many more.

However, this is not the real fact. All these are false impressions people impose on themselves. In fact, this is a very simple and hassle-free process. If you have decided about the transferring bank account, do not hesitate. But before moving there are few things on which you have to think twice.

Always check the service of the new branch they are offering to their customers. Also you have to depend upon the different systems of service access they are providing. After a thorough investigation of facilities and services of different organisations, you can take decision about the bank in which you want to move your account.

From here your work starts as because now you have to go to their customer executives for their help. They will guide you with their bunch of ideas; also talk to the bank’s higher authority for more information. Once, you finish all these inquiry; go the bank along with your personal documents. They will transfer bank account on your behalf easily.

Let’s have a look to the steps required in this procedure:

  • Visiting the branchwhere you want your account to be transferred.
  • Fill a form necessary in account transfer which is compulsory for all applicants.
  • Submit address proof, proof of mobile and telephone numbers and always carry all original certificates to the branch where you want to transfer your account.
  • Surrender the existing chequebooks of the current account.
  • The new bank authorities will start their processing by closing your existing account and will open a new account in the new branch within 7 working days.
  • You will get the same account number in the new branch.
  • In this new account, you will be linked with all your existing ATM and Debit Cards.
  • You will receive a new cheque book through post to your residence.
  • NetBanking andPhoneBankingwill be allowed for your new account and you can also use the old password for these purposes.
  • For transferring your account to the new bank, the authorities will not charge a single penny.

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