Which is the Best LIC Plan for Children

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There is not a single person who can say that insurance is not necessary in life. This becomes even more true when people have kids. There are many LIC policies that are beneficial to kids, their growth and their future.

Best LIC plans for children  

The main concern for kids is their education, and their health. Keeping these in mind, LIC has introduced quite a few plans that will help your child to grow

  • The Child Career Plan makes sure that your never has to never wait for a moment for the dearth of money. This plan also covers all other needs that your child has.

All you have to do is pay premiums at regular intervals, so that your child can receive a bulk amount of money at the end of the term. So plan accordingly so that you can have the money ready at the various stages of his/her life.

  • Jeevan Ankur is also a great LIC plan for children. This plan not only takes care of the education, but also makes sure that in case you meet your end, your child is covered for life.

It also covers accidents and critical illness costs. At the end of the term, the beneficiary receives a large sum of money as promised in the offer document.

  • The Komal Jeevan is also known as the Children’s Money Back Plan. If you have a child or grandchild who is 10 or less, you can purchase this policy. It provides a risk cover and you are able to pay the premiums as you decide to.

Why LIC plans are useful for children

Though many people think that a child’s life is safe and secure as they are being taken care of by their parents, accidents can always happen. That is when these LIC plans come handy. These plans are not only a safety net for kids’ education, but they also help to give them support in case their parents pass away while they are young.

These policies help in case the kids meet with an accident or are stuck by a severe illness and their treatment requires a lot of money. It is at that time that all these children’s LIC plans help.

LIC or Life Insurance Corporation policies are all about making lives smooth and easy. There are several plans for kids too that can help in simplifying their life especially with all these benefits.

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