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Julia Roberts

Personal details

Name: Julia Roberts
Birth Name: Julie Fiona Roberts
Height: 5' 9"
Sex: F
Nationality: American
Birth Date: October 28, 1967 at 12:16 am
Birth Place: Smyrna, Georgia, USA
Profession: actress


  • Fitzhugh Lee Elementary School
  • Griffin Middle School
  • Campbell High School in Smyrna, Georgia (graduated in 1985)


  • Daniel Moder
  • Lyle Lovett


  • Benjamin Bratt
  • Matthew Perry
  • Daniel Day-Lewis
  • Jason Patric
  • Kiefer Sutherland
  • Dylan McDermott

Son: Phinnaeus Walter Moder who was born on November 28, 2004 at a Southern California hospital; twins; father: Daniel Moder

Daughter: Hazel Patricia Moder born on November 28, 2004 at a Southern California hospital; twins; father: Daniel Moder

Claim to fame: as Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman (1990) (everyone in the industry literally spelt got that she was gorgeous in the movie)

Julia Robert’s Personal life:

Was engaged to Kiefer Sutherland for a short period.

Dated Matthew Perry.

Dated Benjamin Bratt from the year 1998 to June 2001

She also lived with Liam Neeson.

Dated Daniel Day-Lewis

She was engaged to her Steel Magnolias (1989) co-star, Dylan McDermott.

She got married to boyfriend, cameraman Daniel Moder, at their ranch home in Taos, New Mexico in a midnight ceremony.

On 28 November 2004 she gave birth to twins in Los Angeles, a son named Phinnaeus Walter and a daughter named Hazel Patricia. Twins run in Julia's family.

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Julia Robert’s Awards: She won an Oscar for playing Erin Brockovich in Erin Brockovich (2000).

Julia Robert’s Family background:

Father: Walter Roberts Father died of cancer when Julia was 10.

Mother: Betty Lou Roberts (née Motes; actress)

Sister: Lisa Roberts – an actress; who was born in 1965

Brother: Eric Roberts (actor; born on April 18, 1956)

Half Sister: Nancy Motes (born on May 19, 1975)

Step Father: Michael Motes

Sister in law: Eliza Roberts (actress)

Sister of Lisa Roberts Gillan

Sister-in-law of Tony Gillan

Aunt of Emma Roberts

Julia Robert’s facts and trivia:

Was Ranked #1 in Hollywood Power.

She was ranked #12 (in $$) on Forbes magazine 'Power 100'.

She prefers lying on the back of her body to have her make-up applied. This provides her with a much relaxed look.
She is the first actress to reach 20 million dollar mark salary and this was for the movie Erin Brockovich in the year 2000.

Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2005 and appeared on the cover of the May 9, 2005 issue.

She was ranked #8 in Forbes the 20 Richest Women in Entertainment.

Personal quotes
"I enjoy hats. And when one has filthy hair it proves to be a good accessory."

"I'm too tall to be a girl, I never had enough dresses to be a lady, and I wouldn't call myself a woman. I'd say I'm somewhere between a chick and a broad.

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