Holi Festival Celebrations 2013 in India

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Indian joviality is out through innumerous festivals. These festivals are considered as the sources of calling up the divine happiness.

If there is no liveliness in life, then, it is not life according to Indians.

Each and every time of life should be remembered for any remarkable deed. Otherwise, forgetting the passed by second is like worthless time. A life consists of agility, happiness; merriment is the LIFE in true sense.

Fiest as Are For Bringing Happiness in Life

These are the main reasons behind declaring numbers of festivals in Indian society so in other societies as well. Indians, putting up at different country, do celebrate all the festivals celebrated in own country too. Because, missing one festival is like missing a great chance to give a call to joviality once again in this short span of time.

To be happy does not mean spending lots of money and celebrating it among respective family members only. It is not like that at all. An even becomes festival only then, when it gets generalized and celebrated by the entire same race of persons. Hence, this time we are going to pick up one example from India’s grand festivals’ list and that is Holi.

Holi is the Example of Peace, Brotherhood and love

Holi is a spring festival and popular all over the world, because Indians are available at every corner of world. So, where is a Hindu Indian, there is Holi. Holi is one of the most popular festivals of Hindus especially. It is celebrated in the month of March in order to declare brotherhood to the global people; the Holi festival in India, 2013 (March 27th) is the best example to such statement.

It is a celebration of colors. People go crazy over varieties of hues and come down for coloring people. This celebration is not celebrated with only own family members, but also, it is celebrated with unknowns and make friendship with unfamiliar faces. This is actually the core meaning for celebrating this festival.

Just because, nowadays, people do not get to spare time for any kind of celebration though there is no lacking of festivals for Hindus. Each month, a festival must be there. It is because of busy work schedule due to developmental work process. Hence, this festival spares time for people to get together and share love through colors only.

Otherwise, on this earth, there would rarely be any festival which would be celebrated globally in coming days. People would definitely go and dip into own private world, forgetting their living surroundings. And then it would be concluding days of Humankinds.

Hence, a Holi festival celebration in India is a grand call up for brotherhood and peace.  People share home made dishes with their neighbors and relatives, take wishes and give wishes, do make sweets and share with friends and then go for making parties with large friend circles.

These are the very latest activities, people do on Holi. This day is the most awaited day fro Hindus, no-matter in which environmental condition they have been brought up. The reminder of Holi gets always alarmed even before the due date. Holi festival celebration leaves an impression behind to get recalled by the people once again in the very next year.

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