Kundli Matching Plays Important Role in Indian Marriages

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Over the years, astrology has gripped the foundation of belief along with an exposure through media also.

In media, many aspects of astrology are mostly exaggerated, but in reality it is something profound and matter to be contemplated.

Astrology Plays Great Role in Human’s Life

Astrology takes place in many phases of life. Even, with the birth of a baby, astrology helps his parents to keep a name suitable name for him with a relevance to planetary position during his birth time. Throughout the entire life journey, in many more phases of life, people go and seek for astrological analysis for their daughter or son or grandchildren. One of the best examples of astrological intervention into one’s life is Match Making Kundali Analysis.

Astrological Analysis Should Occur Before Marriage

‘Marriage’ for two people is the most significant event of entire human birth, which occurs only once. Nature’s grace, life’s elegance and one’s beauty get constellated when two people decide to be converted into ONE. Sharing one’s entire life with someone special is a dream, nurtured by every single adult one. Once a girl rides over her maturity level, starts having dream pf a suitable man as her life-partner, who gives his most favorable company to her throughout entire human life.

Nevertheless, sometime for some people, it always stays as dream only. Owing to distrust in Kundali making, couples meet with the roughest phase of their life. E.g. Wife is not getting familiar with “what her husband exactly longs for or Vice Versa?” Concurrently, many more troubles like less financial earning, illness and gloomy thoughts get over their lives. These are the categories on which troubles of after marriage life can be divided respectively.

Such kinds of delicate problems give rise to Kundali matching issues and it has been witnessed as worthy too. Over the years, before marriage, parents have been noticed visiting experienced astrologers of their cities and if not available in own cities, become ready to go for even world tour too, so as to catch the person, best at Genuine Kundali Matching. The entire Kundali Matching session gets completed after the analysis of below mentioned ‘Steps’: -

1.    Match-Making: The person whom ‘you’ are going to get married to should be having similar kinds of thoughts, perceptions, and likings and disliking. Though, such kinds of habits are developed through continuous communication and contacts, but somewhere the “Expectations for meeting a fruitful outcome of prolonged relationship.”

2.    Maglik-Dosha: A manglik woman should not get married to a person who is having different Yog. Manglik is a kind of Yog in astrological term.  A maglik person should get married to a manglik yog person only, just not to blame a person of different Yog for all the problems in spousal life.

3.    Gun-Milan: In the Kundalis of bride and groom does have an aspect known as Ashtakut Milan. It is believed that, there are 36 points in an Ashtakut Milan and out of 36; at least 18 points must be matched with each other. Besides, the more points match, much happiness and prosperity in marital life are expected.
These are the most significant factors, being examined by an astrologer, when it comes to Kundali Milan process. Other than all these above mentioned points, there are some more like:

4.    Varna Milan.

5.    Vashya Milan.

6.    Tara Milan

7.    Yoni Milan.

8.    Graha Maitri.

9.    Gana Milan.

10.  Bhakoot Milan &

11.   Nadi dasha.

Upon these diver fields of celestial studies, one’s Kundali Matching procedure gets executed and for an easy access to get “Your” Kundali analyzed then, you can avail Online Kundali Matching Software on your system and get it analyzed at earliest.

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