Top 10 Exercises for Women Over 50

The age boundary of 50 is quite a crucial stage for any human being especially if you are a woman. At this stage the body undergoes certain biological changes t...    Continue Reading

Best Beer Bar in Jaipur

Beer is one of the most commonly consumed refreshment drink all around the world. Jaipur is not an exception. Jaipur is the capital of the largest state of Indi...    Continue Reading

Women Health Care Issues in Rural India

Being on the verge of development, Indian women are still suffering from inequity issues. In India, women have always been discriminated in each productive doma...    Continue Reading

Online Dating Tips for Facebook Female Friends

Over the years, many features have been changed and updated on Facebook (World’s largest and most visited social networking site). Today, people have foun...    Continue Reading

Importance of Pyramid Vastu Yantra

Indian mythological studies seem to be very influencing and create great impact over human psychology. Today’s many highly-qualified personalities are tak...    Continue Reading

Vastu Shastra Remedies for Peace at Home

Life is full of pros and cons, ups and downs, but completing journey through is the actual meaning of life. Never look back at your past and dream on with futur...    Continue Reading

Some Facts About Islam Religion in India

Religions have been taken as the identities of a group of people. With civilization, people went and got split up with different names and these are today known...    Continue Reading

Type of Agate Stones

The Agate stones have innumerable uses starting from protection, to healing, and FengShui. These stones are found in different types of rocks and are characteri...    Continue Reading

Semi Precious Stones Names and Meanings

The semi-precious stones are used for jewelry making, astrology and are best known as the colored stones. The semi-precious stones these days include ruby, emer...    Continue Reading

Holi Festival Celebrations 2013 in India

Indian joviality is out through innumerous festivals. These festivals are considered as the sources of calling up the divine happiness. ...    Continue Reading

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