List Of Top Ten Indian Festivals

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Magnificence, splendor, enjoyment and pleasure, these four terms define Indian people in one sentence. The origination of these four terms happened on the very earth of India. Every passing second is the moment to enjoy life and fill life with happiness only.

Life is once gifted, if it is gone once without any splendid celebration, then, to Indians it is the wastage of life. That is why; enjoyment and happiness are included in Indian festival lists. With each festival grand celebration knocks on the door.  Almost in every month, festival is scheduled and grand celebration is arranged to let the rest of world know about Indians’ blissfulness and extent of enjoyment.

  • Starting with Holi, this is celebrated in the month of March. In this festival, people let their heart get diluted in multi colors of bliss and happiness.  People, forgetting all the clashes of hearts get together and wish one another through coloring his life. A grand feast is additionally arranged wherein a group of people contribute their participation and let the day be memorable till the next one knocks again.
  • Eid, this is actually a globally celebrated festival. One of the grand Indian festivals. On this very day, the Muslim communities devote their prayers to the Almighty and bring happiness in life and wish for prosperity in their families. Women and children are seen in new dresses, visiting each other’s homes for wishing them with gifts in hands.
  • Raksha Bandhan, the day is chosen for only sisters and brothers. The purest relation on earth. This relation is considered as the spring of love and affection. Sisters pray to God for the success in her brother’s life and in return brothers take a vow to look after his sister at any critical situation of life. This is the key sense behind celebrating Raksha Bandhan.
  • Durga Puja, worshipping that Goddess who slaughtered the very monstrous Demon. The daughter of mountain Paarvati is being worshipped on this day. In actual, the celebration goes on for four days in succession and on the last day of reverence, especially women get together to say adieu to Goddess Durga and pre-invite for next year. In the mid of all procedure, women play with colors and let their happiness touch the ultimate roof. During the celebration session, numbers of pandals are built at shorter gap in every city of India and people in new dresses keep on visiting those pandals with their friends, relatives and closed ones. 
  • Diwali, one of the popular and dazzling/sparkling festivals of Indians. The day Diwali is celebrated the entire India goes on rest from all kinds of corporate deals and official works and celebrate the day at their homes with their relatives. Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth) is also worshipped in the evening time and people pray for much more prosperity in the family. As per historical records, when God Ram returned from 14 years of exile with his family, then to light up his path towards palace, such celebration was organized. Ever-since the time, the day is celebrated as Diwali.
  • Kumbh Mela, in one sentence, Indians’ huge and grand religious festival wherein lacs of monks/sages and crore of followers gather and worship The Ganges.
  • Karva Chauth, women’s major festival. On this day, they (women) do starving since dawn and breaks it after the sight of the Moon on evening sky, but only with a sip of water offered by their (women’s) husbands. After that, they eat something. The motive is praying for long-life for their betterhalves.
  • Republic Day, on this day, India’s constitution came into force and because of that, this day is widely celebrated.
  • Mahashivratri, on this day the disciples of God Shiva worship their lord praying for a happy married life.
  • Baishakhi is an important fiesta, celebrated in north-India. Mainly, it is celebrated in Punjab state with harvest of Rabi crop and scheduled on the very first day of Vaishakh month, i.e. in middle of April month.

There you got the top ten Indian festival report and now, hope for the remaining celebration of Indian festivals, 2013 would be of grandeur.

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