Nag Panchami Puja Vidhi with Mantra

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In Hinduism, ‘Pujas’ and ‘Mantras’ are not only terms to be versed, but these are the true meanings of a devout and dutiful life.

Being connected to spiritual arena having enriched wisdom about all the procedures to complete a prayer to The Almighty is deemed to be most holy activity in entire human birth. It is furthermore, believed that being devoted to spirituality books a peaceful place for one in heaven after death. All such utterings are described in Hindu Mythologies.

Hinduism is Grounded on Virtuous ‘Belief’’

Over the times, especially in India, people embedded their belief in ‘Stones’ having notions like, ‘Since, there is no visibility of The Almighty God, better to incarnate belief all around, so as to be with God (Belief) all the time.’ This is what “We Indians Believe.”

Living through such belief and process, we have found out certain ways to give social recognitions to our ‘Belief.’ Organizing ‘Pujas’ on a particular date, which is deemed as the birth of our ‘belief’ on an impalpable personification are only to be relate our soul to celestial powers. Organizing Puja for a particular personification (i.e. God) for some purpose is the only a medium to showcase our “Conviction” and “Devoutness” to the creations and happenings of nature.

Beliefs Give Rise to Many Pujas and Mantras

Over the years, millions of Pujas and spiritual events have been performed by different race in India. We all know that India is a secular country, varieties of languages and different cultures can be witnessed here. Hence, it has become like “The much variations in castes, race and customs, the more different kinds of Pujas and Mantras got developed” and one of to be celebrated spiritual activities is Nag Panchmi.

This festival is actually celebrated on the fifth day of Shraavana Month, i.e. August (acc. to English Calendar of 2013). It is especially celebrated by Nepalese people living in India and South Indian people too. Among these two castes this festival is famous and required to be celebrated by worshipping ‘Nag Devta’ (God of Serpent).

‘Vidhi’ of Nag Panchmi

There are certain procedures through which a complete Puja Vidhi is performed. E.g. there are many Mantras and segments of ‘Pujas’ which are performed step by step. Notably, young married women participate as chief of the event and complete all the required Vidhi. Like, women do fasting, i.e. ‘Vrata’ on the due day and in early morning prior to commencing of the main Puja segment, women do recite the below described Mantra:

“Anantham Vasukim Sesham Padmanbham Cha Kambalam!
Shankham Dhartharashtram Thakshakam Kaliyam thatha!
Ethani Nava Namani Naganaam cha Mahatmaman!
Sayamkale pathennityam pratah kale viseshatha!
Thasmai Vishabhayam naasthi sarvatra vijayee bhaveth!”

Once this Mantra recitation is done, women go for performing Sankalpam for Vrata, Upavas and Puja.  On the process, women proffer bath to Serpent’s God and put forward a container filled with Milk to the God as Naivedya. The venue for organizing this festival can be both at home or Naga Devata Temple.

In the morning, after taking bath, women do draw the pictures of Serpent on wall as it is believed to be auspicious and showing respect to serpent’s God.

After the performance of Ksheerabhisheka, worshippers offer Shodashopachar puja with Chandan, flowers, Dhupa, deepa, Naivedya and etc to Naga Devata and simultaneously chnat this Mantra:

Sarva Nagam preeyatham may ye kechith pruthwithale.
Ye cha helimarichistha yenarthe divi samsthitha.
Ye nadeshu mahanaaga ye saraswati gaamina.
Ye cha vaapee Thadaageshu theshu sarveshu vain amah.

After, this performance, Nag Panchmi Vrat Katha is chanted by one lady among all and listened to by rests as the last tribute to nag Panchmi Puja.

Make your belief much stronger by organizing a virtuous Nag Panchmi Puja on 11th August, 2013.

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