Raksha Bandhan in North Indian Regions 2013

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India is sanguinely known for having a feature called secularism, hence, the numbers of festivals are obviously not lacking here.

Even, by each passing month, any festival is grandly celebrated in the corner of any of 28 states. That is the most exciting feature of Indian people.

If start from the north-east India and make a round around the South Pole to North Pole then, you can get to see the spontaneity of people while it is time to celebrate any fiesta. In actual, organizing a festival seems to be the one and only spring to get together and enjoy the moment to mark the day as remarkable one. 

Hence, no-matter, how much budget has been fixed for organizing a fiesta, because earning money is also for making fun and being happy, if something matters then it is spontaneity inside a human which propels one to hop for taking pleasure from life.

Take the Pleasure from Life through Celebrating festivals

Human life has been gifted for once, no one knows what will happen after one is buried. Though, we all know about the endurance of soul beyond death, but know one is still confirmed about what exactly happens to the enduring soul and what shape it takes or does it really get incarnated once again or what is the consequence? Such are questions, which always dwell on mind, but never find a suitable and gratifying answer. Hence, amidst all such worries, people decide to live the every passing second of life and be happy till the life meets its end.

A Fest for Siblings

After, going through the core meaning behind celebrating these many festivals, here one more fiesta is just about to knock on doors in the month of August, 2013, “Raksha Bandhan.” It is though celebrated by entire India and all the Indians staying out of own country, in addition, but the festival meets the crest point of bliss in Northern Indian regions merely.

Here, people go tired on preparing for this celebration. Sisters get so curious about receiving gifts from their brothers and brothers are similarly getting excited to be wished by their sweet, loving and caring sisters. There is depth meaning also, behind celebrating this gala and that is “Sisters wish for the prosperity and good health of their brothers and in return Brothers take vow to safeguard their sisters throughout their entire lifetime.” With such notions, this gala is celebrated among Indian brothers and sisters.

Girls or boys, who do not have own brothers and sisters make this celebration with their friends living outside whom they consider as their own brothers and sisters. Such is the portrait of Indian custom and tradition. Hence, in the upcoming August month, 2013, Raksha Bandhan celebration is again to be celebrated as the remarkable ones and leave a message of peace and prosperity.

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