Semi Precious Stones Names and Meanings

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The semi-precious stones are used for jewelry making, astrology and are best known as the colored stones. The semi-precious stones these days include ruby, emerald, sapphire, alexandrite, spinel, tanzanite, tsavorite garnet, demantoid garnet, and the finer tourmaline stones.

Meaning and Name of Semi-Precious Stones

Abalone: This stone is gives fertility and protection to the wearer. Abalone gets its name from the Persian term Lazward, which means blue. With its water elements, this stone is related to all the chakras in human body.

Black agate: This stone relieves stress and gives protection to the wearer, while increasing courage as well. Agates derive their names from the Achates in Sicily. With magical powers, black agate is known to protect children.

Alexandrite: This stone increases inner strength and helps you to accept suffering and fight it more strongly. Named to honor the Russian Czar Alexander II, this stone was discovered in the 1830s in the Ural Mountains of Russia. The first name for Alexandrite was “diaphanite,” which in Greek means ‘dia’ meaning two and ‘phan’ meaning appear.

Amazonite: Known as the Stone of Courage, this turquoise green stone, provides freedom in expression of ideas and thoughts and is a strong metaphysical healer. Named from Brazil’s Amazon River, this stone used to be a favored amulet stone used in Egypt, Sudan, Mesopotamia and India.

Amber: This Venus Sub stone is known to bring happiness, love, wisdom, purification, success and patience. This stone not only controls evil thoughts and the tendencies to intoxication. This stone also increases and balances spiritual and psychic abilities in humans. The Greek name of this stone is “electron” meaning “formed by the sun.”

Ametrine: By encouraging a more confident attitude to life, this stone helps with meditation, removes negativity, improves intuition power and has a soothing effect on the wearer. This stone has the qualities of both amethyst and citrine stones and derives its names in that context.

Aquamarine: This stone gives courage and is also known as the sailors’ stone. This stone is good for treating problems in eyes and lungs, while relieving stress and anxiety or fear. Aquamarine is primarily a stone of the beryl family and its name indicates ‘seawater.’

Diamond: This is the stone for honesty, and promotes purity and bravery. This stone got its name from the ancient Greek term “adamas,” meaning unbreakable or untamed.

Emerald: This stone is also known as the "stone of hope”. Having strong healing properties, this stone improves memory. Emerald derives its name from the Greek term “smaradgus” meaning green.

Green Jade: This lucky stone instills resourcefulness in the wearer. The scientific name of jade is derived from two - Nephrite, which is a calcium magnesium silicate, and secondly Jadeite, which is a sodium aluminum silicate.

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The semi-precious stones are used for jewelry making, astrology and are best known as the...    More..

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