Some Facts About Islam Religion in India

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Religions have been taken as the identities of a group of people. With civilization, people went and got split up with different names and these are today known as religion. But Islam says, on this earth, if something governs the system then it is only God. No one and nothing is greater than him. He makes us take birth and he makes us die. Everything happens on his wish only.

Islam religion is firm believer of God. Devoting one’s human birth to his God for making life a worthy one is the mainstream notion of Islam religion. With such perceptions, Islam religion has adopted the toughest ways to pay their respect to God ‘Allah.’

For everyone to follow their rules and regulations would be the matter of ‘dying is better than following such toughest paths for submitting celestial beliefs.’ To be a true Islam is not a matter joke. A person needs to be pure as a human and respects his God, i.e. Allah by doing below mentioned daily activities:

1.    One has to follow the paths of ‘Peace’ as his religion Islam means Peace.

2.    One has to devote his entire life to the will of God.

3.    This religion is not recently emerged, but being followed by 1.5 billion of people worldwide along with Christianity and Judaism both.

4.    To be true Muslim, one has to do ‘Shahdah’ i.e. announcement of belief in the oneness of God and that is Muhammad as the last prophet of God; then one has to do formal prayers fro five times in a day. Keeping fasts during the Ramadan month and pilgrimage to Mecca once in human birth.

5.    With the six holy articles of belief, an Islam must believe 1. the one God, 2. all the prophets of God, 3. the original scriptures disclosed to Prophets Moses, David, Jesus and Muhammad, 4. the angels, 5. the day of judgment and hereafter, 6. the divine decree.

6.    Being an Islam, one has to govern these facets of life: moral, social, political, spiritual, economical, intellectual and so on so forth.

7.    The rest of the world is getting intended towards Islam religion and that is because of its firmness in what they believe and strictness to follow their respective deeds.

8.    To be a Muslim, one has to say only one statement and i.e. Shahdah. This word conveys the bystander to the faith in the one God and that Muhammad was the last prophet of God.

9.    Muslims believe that Allah is the very own name of God.

10.  According to Islam, God is merciful, loving and compassionate. Besides, once God said to Prophet Muhammad, “My merci prevails over my wrath.” The Islam religion edifies stability between fear and hope and guarding one from both self-satisfaction and desolation.

These are in actual, Islam religion facts. Islam religion in India also follows the same paths, because Islam believes in being the same and follows the same. Though, nowadays, the young generation, since, has faith in the same verses but somewhere feel lethargic, due to many reasons, to follow a few numbers of verses among these.

Otherwise, Islam religion in ancient India was also the same or you can say used to be a bit much stricter at their verses even.

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