Spirituality Vs Religion - Find the Difference

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The entire topic is an ocean. The deeper you plunge the profound thought you develop. Living on this earth, and not being aware of religion and spirituality, is not accepted at all, in any community. And, when it comes around Indian Religion and Spiritual notions, then, the matter takes a different feature. In Indian, it is all about religion and spirituality. No matter how ascending the growth of any developing metro-city, one’s meant to be aware of his religion, no-issue with if he is not aware of spirituality. It is not only applied in this country, even in almost every developed country too.

These two fields are differed very widely. Some are capable of notice and some still like to live the dark whole. All the religious organizations on this earth of humankind have made different kinds of place for religion by letting go the sensation of spirituality.

The translucent portrait of relation between religious and spirituality and what religion without spirituality is in real is highlighted below:

  • Religion is an anatomical organization.
  • Spirituality is the sensation and awareness.
  • Religion is not shaped in one; rather there are hundreds of religions.
  • Whereas, spirituality is a kind of one belief.


  • Religion compels one to follow apparent rituals and all those formalities.
  • Whereas, spirituality continues without any dogma.


  • Religion is set as the spring to reach the domain of God and this is meant to those who are still asleep.
  • But, spirituality is for those who have already waked up.


  • Religion provides guidance.
  • Spirituality is for those who impart their attention to their hidden voice.


  • Religion puts threatening and terrifying opinions on its followers.
  • Spirituality offers its friend the inner calm.


  • Religion utters the words of sin, virtue faults.
  • Whereas, spirituality teaches to forget all the passed deeds and elevate the spirit to learn from inaccuracy.


  • Religion is implanted since one’s childhood, like, no-matter, if he wants to take or not, but have to bear the tag.
  • Spirituality is a sought-after food that gratifies one’s thirst.


  • Religion cannot be considered as God.
  • While, spirituality is the consciousness that does not meet any ending point and this is where God relates to life.


  • Religion is constituted with rules and regulations.
  • While, spirituality is celestial and without rules.


  • Thoughts of one’s is the hub to religion.
  • Consciousness is the home to Spirituality.


  • Religion is confined in one’s memory.
  • Where, spirituality lives in one’s liberty of awareness.

Expectantly, such kinds of crystal clear comparison between religion and spirituality has cleared the confusions over the topics like Religious without Spirituality, spirituality vs. religion and spirituality without religion.

Being religious does not mean to be spiritual also, or it can be the both, as both domains have been separated by humans only, otherwise, the destination of both is same. Differences are on the leading paths. If once, it is evaded, then, religion and spirituality would be merged.

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