Type of Agate Stones

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The Agate stones have innumerable uses starting from protection, to healing, and FengShui. These stones are found in different types of rocks and are characterized by its bright color and fine grains.

Mainly these stones are related with volcanic rocks and might be common in some metamorphic rocks. This stone draws its name from a Greek philosopher, Theophrastus. He discovered this stone along the shore or Achates River.

This stone in the ancient era was used for hardstone carving. Agates mostly are formed as nodules in the volcanic rocks. They reflect the formation of the cavities produced by volatile molten mass dismemberment.

Kind of Agate Stones

1. Cyclops agate is a Mexican agate that shows only one eye. This stone includes the shades of green, red, golden, black, and varieties of other shades leading to the formation of the moss agate or dendritic agate. These agates feature fern like appearance and come with manganese and iron oxides.

2. Turritella Agate made of silicified Turritella shells and have freshwater gastropods in spiral and elongated forms. This form of the stone can also include coral and petrified wood, while the remains of various porous rocks can be signified as agates. Agetized coal is known as Petoskey stone.

3. Greek agate found in Sicily is pale white to tan in shades. This stone was used by the Greeks for making beads and jewelry items. The Sumerians and the Egyptians used this stone for decorative purposes. It was also used by them for religious purposes.

4. Brazilian agate is found in the form of sizeable geodes occurring in hues of brown, white and gray. This stone is dyed for ornament making.

5. Rainbow agates with layers of opal, crystalline quartz or jasper reflect the ambient variations at formation.

6. Blue Lace Agate comes with light blue shades formed in a typical lacy pattern.

7. Botswana Agate from Botswana in Africa has fine parallel lines in the colors of white, purple, or peach.

8. Condor Agate is the Argentina based agate found in San Rafael. This stone comes with a bright and distinct play of colors.

9. Fire Agate made of Agate, iridescent with bright splash of colors or “fire”is more similar to Opal. This stone mostly features a botryoidally growth in the interiors. Goethite or Limoniteare responsible for the bright colors of the stone.

10. Laguna agate is a prominent and colorful Agate having a dense banding. This stone is found in Ojo Laguna, Chihuahua, Mexico.

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