When is Pushkar Camel Fair of Rajasthan in 2013

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Rajasthan: The Place of Olden Times

Rajasthan is known as one of the richest in culture states in India. The historical spots and remarkable caches are the most cherishable facts about this state of India. This city is pretty gleaming all the time by keeping families eventful round-the-clock. Everyday, something must be happening for the sake of delight and gratification. Actually, these kinds of approach towards life help people stay healthy.

Camel and Livestock fair on the Gravel of Pushkar

Rajasthan’s one of the most distinctive fiestas, which is globally recognized too is Pushkar Camel Fair. This is world’s prevalent camel and livestock fiesta goes on for 5 days in succession, in the month of November, but this time, there are kind of extensions in the numbers of festival days, 2013 Pushkar Camel Fair would start from 6th of Nov and meets its end on 17th of Nov. For 12 days at a stretch, Camel fair would be continued this year, offering 7 days extra for merriment.

During this festival, millions of tourists visit the fair and contribute their esteemed participations. In the fair mixtures of shows are conducted, e.g. bridal competition, Matka Phod competition and longest moustache competition. People started preparing many days before the festival starts. It is a kind of blissful gathering of mass, apart from buying and selling of camels and other livestock, such kinds of dance performances and above mentioned competitions are additionally conducted. On the last day, there is Lake, which is worshipped taking as a holy lake, in which people take dips and bathe. It is thought that when God Brahma dropped a lotus flower to the earth, this lake got created.

Explore a New Life in Pushkar Camel fair, 2013

Like these, some more rituals are also performed by devotees during the Grand Mela. There is a saying “If there is will, there is way.” The concern of mentioning this proverb is to say that if people want to keep their lives agile and happy all the time, then, no obstruction can constrain them from celebrating any event. These rituals or fairs are only the springs through which people can spare some time for the sake of enjoyment and blissfulness. Hence, “India! Get ready for Pushkar fair, 2013.” 

Set yourself free and let your soul touch what it wants to. Because, human life is once gifted, if it is not now, then never after. Everything is here only.  Need to explore and shape it as per your concern. This Pushkar Camel or livestock fair is the agile example to meet the world in one place and creating bonds between unknown souls. Live your life here only with a little bit support from Rajasthani Came and livestock fair.

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