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Samsung Mobile Phones


Samsung is well known brand in all over the world and Samsung Telecommunication comes in one of five business units within Samsung group.

Samsung, from South Korea managed to achieve over 40% growth in year 2007 and became one of the largest mobile manufacturers in all over the world.

In 1977, Telecommunication Network business was founded by Samsung group to enter in to mobile market and soon the company released its first mobile phone SC-100 in 1986.

But the released product could not become much popular due to its poor quality, and completely fail to wow the buyers.

Samsung started to introduce new mobile phone every year and still was not able to attract the buyers.

In year 1993, the telecom company launched new model SH-700 and created a sensation in mobile market as well as among buyers.

The newly launched samsung mobile phone was famous for quality compare to previous one and laded with some unique features. In 1994, another new model SH-770 was launched by the world’s famous mobile company, which was newly upgraded version of previous launched model SH-700.

The first CDMA phone was launched by the Samsung group in 1996 and the model was SCH-100, which was extra slim and light. During the year Samsung achieved recorded sales growth in mobile marketing and it led its number one position in all over the world.

In 1998, SGH-600 was introduced by the company to attract the buyers from all around the world and this time some new marketing strategy applied by the company to increase the sale.

The popular South Korean brand also received best manufacturer award twice by the Mobile News Awards.

In 2004, Samsung group introduced its mobiles in Indian market and accepted some different sales strategy.

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