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Occasions in India

Occasions in India are a regular feature every month. New Year, Valentines Day, mother’s day, father’s day, friend’s day and teachers day.

There are lots and lots of occasions in India to show the feelings as well as devotion and respect to parents and teachers.

These occasions are observed with enthusiasm and some of the other national holidays in India represent Republic day, May Day and Independence Day.

The lists of important occasions are many in number. The New Year that comes in the beginning of a new year is celebrated worldwide and is done with merriments.

The Gregorian calendar believes the New Year to be January 1 and this is widely accepted as well as celebrated, but for very few countries.

Occasions in India cannot forget the Republic day on 26th January the day India was declared as a democratic republic nation. The republic day is observed across the nation and the national holiday is celebrated with pride and joy.

Valentine’s Day is the day to express care and love. This day is celebrated on 14th February. It is a day to make a special place and a wonderful day for love birds.

Women’s day is celebrated on March 8th. The women’s day includes various shopping activities and there is lot of buzz about shopping. Men buy gifts for their women as a token of their love and affection.

Earth day is about spreading awareness regarding the earth’s environment and this day is observed twice on March 20 and April 22. Mother’s day is a day to show the care and respect towards her.

This is celebrated on March 22nd. Mother’s day is done by offering gifts to mother and to show the affection. This is a day of enthusiasm. The world environment day is one of the occasions in India observed on the 5th June every year in the aim of generating awareness about the environment.

Father’s day is also done to show the deep regards and as a special honor. Father’s day is celebrated every June 15th. This day is done to thank the father for his care and unconditional love.

Friendship day falls on August 5th every year and is the day that the friends recollect sweet memories and send good wishes by exchanging gifts. Independence Day is the day that India acquired freedom and is observed as a national day on August 15th.

This day is to rejoice breathing free air and to feel proud about the nation. Teacher’s day falls on September 5th every year and is a wonderful day to express respectful regards to the teachers. There are many more occasions in India observed with zeal and enthusiasm.

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