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Sports in India

Sports in India - Archery

Sports in India involve various activities comprising of physical activity carried on recreational purpose has stepped into the competition levels.

Today are attaining excellence and are showing professionalism in their skills. Sports include physical activity and competition in combination.

Archery is one of the sports in India that employs the bow and the arrow. This used to be the pleasurable activity in ancient times called hunting and now has become a combating as well as precision sport.

A person practicing archery is referred to as an archer. Archery is a sport that demands absolute concentration and focus. This needs enough practice to prove the skill.

The competitive target is governed by International archery federation. However, archery is one of the sports in India that dates back to 5000 years. The archery is developed in the Asian countries and is also Bhutan’s national sport.

Archery has various features such as shooting using broadhead tipped arrows. Bionic buck is also one of the archery games that features shooting through a tiny hole of two to four inches. Darts is also one of the biggest archery games that are done using a proportional target from a greater distance.

Golf archery replicates the rules of classic golf and the ball is replaced with an arrow and the bow replaces the clubs. Night shooting comprises of archers going on a round course. They use flashlight so that their way is lighted and the targets shine.

Padded arrow sport is also a type of archery in which the bow and arrow is used as a safety arrow by wrapping the arrow with pads. Running buck is to hit the moving animal. The arrowheads come in different types such as the target pointed arrowheads are bullet shaped and come with sharp pointed.

The field tip arrowheads are such that they do not get stuck as tree stumps. There are broadhead arrowheads and these cause massive bleeding. The blunt arrowheads are used for target shooting so that it knocks the gal and does not penetrate it.

The wooden arrows are available in solid wood, aluminum alloy tubing and fiberglass. The aluminum shafts are good for high performance as they as light in weight and show high speed. The fiberglass arrows are brittle.

However, the archery that was once viewed as a luxury and mere pleasure activity of the wealthy people is today the entertainment source. This is one of the sports in India that is in good demand and is being taught professionally.