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Sports in India

Sports in India - Badminton

Sports in India comprise of many sports and the participants take active participation in various events of their choice.

The choice of sports varies as per individual’s interests. However, each sport is supported by their training centers and now the professional training given to the participants facilitates the learners to a great extent.

One such sport is Badminton that is played using rackets by two opposing players as singles or also in pairs referred to as doubles.

These players take positions as opposing players and take their positions occupying opposite halves in a rectangular court.

The badminton court is divided using a net and a shuttlecock that is a feathered projectile. Badminton relates to two thousand years old game that was played in Greece, China and India.

The name Badminton was acquired owing to the Badminton house located in Gloucestershire where Badminton was played. It is a coincidence today that Gloucestershire is the international badminton federation base. The first and foremost badminton club put in the rules for badminton and this was established in 1877.

The badminton court is larger for doubles to 6.1 meters and the same for singles is 5.18 meters. Players need perfect practice on various strokes so that they are the right combat in playing.

Badminton depends on the speed of the strokes and the common technique representing advanced strokes is slicing. It is a hit and similarly slicing below the shuttlecock allows spinning the cock such that it turns many times by the time it crosses the net.

In badminton a sliced dropshot deceives the opponent player about the direction and power of the stroke. The double motion is another splendid technique in badminton as this makes the player to move towards the initial motion in shuttlecock, but they quickly withdraw it and hit the cock in another direction.

Shuttlecock gets affected if there is much wind. This is the reason that competitive badminton events are held indoors. The beauty of this game lies in the shuttlecock not touching the floor. Playing badminton in singles depends entirely on the aerobic stamina and squashing singles require higher aerobic strength.

Shuttlecock is aerodynamically stable despite the orientation, it always flies first. The best and most powerful stroke refers to the smash stroke in badminton. The speed of the smashed shuttlecock is to the maximum and is always more than the other projectile of racket sport.

The hits are steeply downwards towards the mid-court of the opponent. This game keeps everyone occupied and completely arrested until the end of the game. Every move of the player is expected to be very spontaneous and the game is very neatly played.