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Sports in India

Sports in India - Baseball

Baseball is believed to have been developed in North America, yet it is very difficult to state the exact origin. Scholars believe that it evolved from various games.

This game is played with a ball and a stick. This is being played from the civilization times. This was played for recreation in Egypt, Persia and Greece even during ceremonies focusing pastime.

This slowly gained popularity and took various forms by the middle ages. Europeans brought this game in 1600s to the American colonies and was regarded to be the game for children until 1700s.

In the early 1800s this game gained popularity in North America and slowly caught the air of interest.

Baseball today is viewed as an Olympic sport and is widely played in many countries such as Europe, Latin America and Japan. This was introduced to Japan and this game became a professional game and existed for over 50 years. It became very popular such that many schools took active part.

Baseball was later introduced by the Amateur baseball federation in India in 1983 so that the game is promoted. This was then promoted throughout the country as one of the sports in India. This game was then considered to be the member of Asian and international baseball federation.

The foremost baseball championship was in Delhi and this was also introduced to women in India. Indian team took its active participation for baseball championship at Tokyo and Seoul in 1987 & 1989. The baseball team of India won the Asian cup in 1995 at Philippines.

There were other baseball championships held at Chandigarh and won the silver medal. Later on baseball was introduced as the school games and was well responded by the students. Baseball is the staple sport of America, but Indians are showing great reluctance in imbibing this sport.

However, now the position has improved and the Indians are trying to give considerable attention and the result is apparent in the form of the Indian amateur baseball federation. American influence has been to a very great extent, yet it is found that Indians fail to understand American football and deny playing baseball.

Baseball is truly American and the baseball coaches came to teach Indians about baseball and this has led to the federation in India. Indians have their limitations to cricketing and other sports, but lack participation in learning baseball. The baseball is identical to cricket and it will not be long when Indians will be the champions in this game as well.