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Sports in India

Sports in India - Basketball

The basketball game was initiated in the twentieth century and is widely played throughout India.

Basketball is played in majority of high schools, universities and colleges. The younger generations enjoy and adore playing this game.

India has the pride of adopting this game within a short period of its inception. This is a game that consists of two teams with five players each.

This is a fast paced game and depends on the fitness as well as athleticism of the players. The basketball court has regular dimensions and the raised metal hoop is the attraction.

Teams earn points only when the inflated ball enters the metal hoop and this is also called as the basket. Basketball is played by women and men of all abilities and ages. Basically, basketball is played in a court that has regulation rims above the ground to a height of 10 feet.

Earlier during the inception days, the same game was played with a soccer ball and now the standard basketballs come in orange and brown color with outer covering in nylon or leather. The indented surface of the ball allows the player to have a control and grip on it easily.

The standard basketball weighs around 567 to 624 grams. However, the ball is lesser in weight and smaller in size for women. The basketball match comprises of two teams playing defensively and offensively, but their objective is throwing the ball in the basket of the opponent.

In the starting of the match the ball is thrown by the referee and both the teams begin controlling and grabbing the ball. This involves various activities such as passing, shooting, ball handling and rebounding.

The defensive skills involves various activities such as blocking, guarding the opponent and positioning in the aim of defending the basket or stealing the ball quickly from the opponent as well as rebounding missed shots. Viewing the live play of basketball is truly enjoyable and entertaining.

The spectators enjoy the game as there are only ten players and are simple to follow. India has produced many talented basketball players and they have acquired reputation as well as recognition in the international arena. The basketball players of India have won many trophies and have been honored with prestigious awards.

Basketball is run by many national as well as state level associations. The competitive levels are also a great fascination and kindle the desire of interest in not only the players, but also among the viewers.