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Sports in India

Sports in India - Chess

Chess in India has a bevy of youngsters and they have reached the glowing international stage.

India is emerging as a powerhouse for chess owing to the increase in the number of grandmasters.

The domestic tournaments are also developing as a healthy competition and there is a considerable improvement in this game.

It is been observed that parents encourage their wards to participate in chess as a career option.

People are inducing their children towards chess as they have a strong belief that there is a radiant future in terms of fame and money.

Chess has its roots since a long time and was earlier known as chaturanga and this has its mention right from the period of Mahabharata. As this game brought revolting changes, it was called as Shatranj by Persians.

This game was established by the All India Chess Federation. Chess is a sport involving two players mentally. It is a board game that has a square board with 8 rows known as ranks and 8 columns known as files. The alternative squares are given light and dark colors.

Both the players have 16 pieces so that they can capture the opponent’s pieces. It is a typical battlefield having king, queen, knights, pawns, rooks and bishops. Chess has its origin in India and this is apparent from the coins used in this game.

The animals such as horse, elephant and camel were the animals in the cavalry and that is seen in the chess representing the knight, rook and bishop. Chess is widely accepted by Europe and Japan as well. Though, it may be known by various other names, almost all the countries are aware of chess.

The game includes particular rules such that the changes in the bishops, queen and pawns moves with respect to the emerging coins. Some of the significant chess competitions are world chess championship, national chess championship, world junior chess championship, Spain chess tournament, European Individual Championship, and many more.

The serious word in this game is the Checkmate that meant the king is out of the game. Once the game loses its king, then the other coins lose the power, like a kingdom without the ruler can be invaded by any outsider. Chess is a wonderful game and sometimes takes hours to complete when both the players are talented players.

Chess mainly involves reading the opponents moves. Simply moving a coin is not enough. One should clearly visualize the situation of the movement of coins of the opponent and should be perfectly prepared to attack the coins of the opponent.