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Sports in India

Sports in India - Football

Football is played as well as enjoyed by multitudes of people in India. This is one of the well-recognized sports in India. Indian football was bought by the British rulers in the mid of 19th century.

Football acquired popularity among the Indian masses within a short period of time and is the popular as well as widely played Indian sports.

The Indian football presents numerous memorable as well as glorious events that the people cherish as remarkable moments.

Mohun Bagan with the IFA shield cup and the Indian national team acquiring trophies in the SAF games, Asian games and reaching Olympic Games are truly memorable.

Football in India is played by men and women. It has earned enough reputation as well as recognition in the international levels. Indian football produces many legendary players who have displayed their incredible performances and have charmed the entire universe.

The football players in India have shown extraordinary skills in earning fame in the international circuit. The legendary players include Subimal Chuni Goswami, Baichung Bhutia, Sailendra Nath Manna, Sangram Mukherjee, Peter Thangaraj, etc.

These players have contributed extraordinarily and have helped India in winning championships and in showering glory to India. Football in India is run as well as managed by numerous associations. The All India Football Federation is also linked with many state and district football associations.

These associations are working relentlessly in the aim of developing and improving football as a sport in India. Many tournaments are organized to develop new talents from the basic level and they are found at many levels such as state level, district level and national level.

These associations are showing considerable success and have brought many players to represent India. Besides, the Indian football association, there are many other football clubs contributing to the Indian football development. There are football clubs also playing a great role.

Football played by women displayed wonderful performances and won many trophies as well as brought glory. The parent body of football is the All India football federation. Football is an active game and demands the vibrancy throughout the game.

The football players must be fast paced and quick in legging the ball without reaching others legs. Striking a goal is not easy as there are many others chasing the same. It needs tactful practice and swift actions. The leg strength plays a significant role in monitoring the game and leading to eventual success.

Football viewer’s gaze is fixed to the ball and the goal. The game is truly entertaining and captivating that the viewers find every second quite engaging.