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Sports in India

Sports in India - Hockey

Hockey is the national and a popular game in India. Hockey has brought lot of recognition throughout the world owing to its excellence in this game.

This game is certainly one of the sports in India that started the journey many years back.

Hockey was introduced in the 19th century and then it never looked back. It gradually established to be the most popular games.

In India in the year 1985-86 the hockey club was established in kolkatta. Later many more clubs were founded in cities such as Punjab and Mumbai.

There were hockey associations in states such as Bihar, Delhi and Orissa. The popularity of hockey increased in India at a rapid pace and the excellence of the game was apparent as Indians played hockey.

The Indian team made its debut in Amsterdam Olympic Games and stunned the entire world by clinching the Olympic gold. It never compromised even a single goal. Dhyan Chand was the legendary hockey player and the star of that victorious period.

After the victory in 1928 in the Olympic games, Indian hockey pursued its dominance for many more years. In the due course, Indian won six Olympic gold medals until the year 1956 and as well came triumphantly over 24 consecutive matches in the same period.

Hence, this period was regarded as the golden era in the completer hockey history of India. Indian hockey team presented brilliant performances in various tournaments, besides the Olympic games. Apart from the men’s hockey team, the women also showed brilliant performance and earned glory for the Indian nation.

The men’s hockey team also did extraordinary performance in many more tournaments and came with prestigious results and remarkable reputation. Indian hockey witnessed lots of development and produced legendary hockey players.

These players showed their talents in many regional as well as international tournaments and won over many hockey lovers’ hearts. Some of the best hockey players in India

The Indian hockey has it origin from the imperial rule days and came owing to the introduction of British. The interest that Indians showed towards hockey was highly impressive and made it the popular game and also the national game.

In addition to this, their impressive performance boosted the popularity and was well-known throughout India. This game was restricted to armed forces and army teams toured to play hockey to the foreign lands.

But, later on it became the favorite game and even today this is the only sport that earned 8 gold medals such that the first six medals were received consecutively.