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Sports in India

Sports in India

Sports in India is regulated from the ancient Olympics time to the existing century. Sports that were done for survival and food became a regulated pleasure and were slowly reached the levels of competition.

The increased revolution and the pressure of work has coerced people to turn towards leisure and increased the elitism in sports.

The trends continued and became prevalent to the extent that the popularity has gained utmost importance.

Today sports are done with professionalism and are a way of taking break from hectic schedules as well as to relive stress.

Sports in India includes archery that relates to the ancient times. The archery employing arrows and bows are today one of the Olympic sports. Archery had its debut in 1900 summer Olympics as Olympic sport and looked for the promotion of archery. Today the international archery foundation is the main body of archery.

Athletics is the nucleus of Olympic events and today Indian participants are taking active participation in many events. Badminton is also a popular sport played in the international countries. India also has recently seen successful events and is promoting badminton across India.

Baseball is also a popular sport that is being regulated as well as promoted by the baseball federation of India. Basketball is one of the prominent sports and now India is performing well. The basketball federation in India is entrusted with this task and India is doing excellent on the international stage.

Boxing is a famous sport in India and this is apparent from the brilliant performances shown at the Beijing Olympics by the Indian boxers. The regulatory body is making all attempts to increase the potentials. Sports in India have the pride of originating chess in India and have as well witnessed the domination bringing widespread popularity to India.

The governing body for chess is the All India chess federation and they are bringing more new talents. Cricket is the well-known sports in India and is the richest sports bodies promoting cricket in India. Hockey is the national sport of India.

However, this sport is not promoted to the extent of cricket, yet recently efforts are shown to promote hockey at junior levels. Football is appreciated by many, but has not reached the ranks of football nation. Apart from these sports, there are many more sports in India such as gymnastics that offers strength, flexibility and physical endurance.

The martial forms of art such as Judo also have taken to newer heights in India. Skiing, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Table Tennis and weight lifting offer thrill and excitement.