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Sports in India

Sports in India - Judo

Judo refers to the gentle way and this martial art is one of the ancient arts that employ the strength of the opponent to overcome.

The wrestling form is popular as it was developed by a Japanese educator.

This was synthesized in the schools as an international sport and was also a part of the Olympic games initially in 1964.

Judo comprises of four forms and this is the main amateur competitive wrestling forms practiced internationally even today and the others are Freestyle wrestling, Greco Roma wrestling and Sambo wrestling.

This word Judo is acquired from words such as ‘ju relating to gentleness and ‘do’ is the way. The uniform for judo is blue or white cotton uniforms and these uniforms are known as Judogi. The pants are drawstring and a cotton quilted jacket is fastened using a colored belt as indicative of the dan or kyu rank.

This jacket withstands the stresses of grappling as well as throwing and is relatively very much thicker. The judo belts are worn in ascending order such as white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black.

Judo is accepted widely as sports in India and is more than 35 years old. This was recognized in the year 1986 by the International judo federation of India. The very first and foremost International tournament was held in 1986 in the Asian games at Seoul and India had participated in it.

India had the pride of winning four bronze medals. Since that year, India has been constantly participating in all the major tournaments of international judo. The international competitions hold India cup international championships for judo once in two years for boys’ juniors only.

The domestic competitions conduct national championships each year. This championship includes Senior national judo championship for women and men, Junior national judo championship for girls and boys and also the sub-junior judo championships for girls and boys.

Apart from this every year the Black Belt is conducted and there are gradation examinations as well as coaching camps for seniors and juniors. Today in India there are 6000 Judokas, 750 Black belt holders, 150 National referees and 15 International referees.

Judos are now very popular and are taught in many schools and it is also observed that people lacking time learn it on weekend classes. The throwing forms, grappling forms and the self defense forms are the main attraction.

Moreover, as the body remains fit and active, they find this to be of immense use. This does not mean rigorous exercises and on the other hand also trains to protect one’s self.