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Sports in India

Sports in India - Skiing

Skiing is referred to as adventure sport. The Europeans introduced this sport and initially was an elitist sport that gave the foreigners a respite that was adventurous and a way of escaping the heat of the plains.

Today, it is one of the interesting sports of common man. People coming from the interiors of India also flock to countries that offer skiing pleasure.

The excitement, fun and thrill in sliding down through the slopes of snow of Indian Himalayan ranges are truly fantastic.

A novice will definitely cry, scream as well as laugh as they slope down in speed, but an experienced person will enjoy the run down through the challenging snowy slopes.

The Indian skiing destinations offer an opportunity to enjoy heli-skiing as well as snow skiing. Snow skiing can be enjoyed in both Nordic and Alpine. This allows a person to slide downhill in a zigzag way as well as in a straight route from certainly an elevated position.

This is ideal for extreme adventure. Hiring a helicopter and getting dropped on the peak of snow is also thrilling and skiing downwards from there is the best. Short courses on skiing are also available. There are assistance provided for skiers in the form of trained guides, equipment and pilots.

This gives unmitigated joy. India is the right place for running down snowcapped hill slopes in association with the icy breeze touching the face. Skiing is an old sport and received it s recognition in Himachal only. The British officials realized the potential of being a skiing destination.

Skiing is of two types, Alpine and Nordic. Alpine refers to racing down steep slopes. The races comprise into three types such as downhill, slalom and giant slalom. Slalom refers to the zig zag courses. The skiing from elevated positions refers to Nordic skiing. The Shivalik, Pir Pinjal and the Dhauladar are the main places for skiing in the Himalayan ranges.

Skiing is certainly adventurous for people loving speed and also has confidence in controlling the balance. The experience is simply indescribable. It is fun and Kufri is also the ideal place in Himachal Pradesh for skiing. Kufri is near Shimla and is the venue for winter sports festival and aims at promoting skiing, especially.

Mahasu ridge is above Kufri and this is also a wonderful place for skiing enthusiasts. Narkanda is a destination for skiers. The skiing areas as well include Kothi, Rohtang and Manali slopes. Patalsu and the Rohtang slopes are the two lovely places in India where skiing can be enjoyed in summer season.