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Sports in India

Sports in India - Swimming

Swimming is a sport that makes the humans move through water identical to fish.

This is one of the recreational activities and is very common in hot places as well as in areas having abundant natural watercourses.

The health benefits of swimming are many. Swimming is a famous event in the summer Olympic Games.

The athletes competing in this Olympic Games include males and females. The governing body for the competitive swimming is the federation Internationale de notation.

Swimming in India is taken seriously as the sport recently and is one of the loved activities as it includes all the ages of people.

It is the best to keep the body fit as all the muscles in the body need exercise and swimming is the best as it is done without giving additional pressure.

Swimming done regularly builds the strength in the muscles as well as enhances the fitness in a person. Swimming is multidimensional and people in India indulge for recreation. Indians take part in swimming as sports but have not accomplished great ranks.

There are many now taking part as a competitive sport and there are many for whom swimming is their daily bread and earning. Swimming in India is popular for main three aspects such as the sporting event, general activity and occupational reasons.

Swimming has been an Olympic game after its inception and gained utmost popularity only in the 19the century. The federation is trying its best to bring more swimmers into the levels of competition.

Swimming after 19th century is constantly a popular and preferred sport. Competitive swimming in India is managed by the swimming federation of India. The swimming federation of India is affiliated to the Federation Internationale de notation, the principle governing body.

The swimming federation of India is an apex body and has emerged owing to the amalgamation of Indian swimming federation and national swimming association. The competitive swimming began in Europe in 1800 and in Athens summer Olympic Games the first swimming competition was held and this became a popular event.

The swimming techniques are the main to be known such as the legs and the torso should be kept parallel to the water surface and the slanted torso or dropped legs increases the drag.

Hands are expected to be kept forward straight to the head as this helps in increasing the average length and also increases the speed substantially. The competitive sports are held for various swimming techniques such as butterfly, freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke.