Gold Medalist of Indian Commonwealth Games Wrestling

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The contribution of India to world’s sport championship though has always been on second but there are still some who aspire to climb the top and shine the world with the brightness of their names and in this group the name of Sushil Kumar comes the first.


Indian Common wealth Games wrestler

Sushil Kumar, the gold medalist for many championships from India has shown a new unblemished path towards successive wrestling. He has made wrestling “A worth practicing sport.” India has started being on limelight not only from educational angle and other trading angle but it has a larger share of world’s sport felicitation. If you can calculate the ratio of previous India’s participation in sports when there was lesser numbers of training centers or accessibilities of foreign trainers too, and current India’s numbers of names of sportspersons in the world sport championship list then you can easily get to see the multiplication.

Because, today India is capable of producing men like Sushil Kumar. It has go lots of amenities to train the aspirant who wish their names to be blinking on World’s sport championship lists, not for once but every time they wish for.

Thus, let’s have a brief conversation over Sushil Kumar who has been declared as World Championships’ Gold Medalist in Moscow for Wrestling. Then, gold medalist of Commonwealth games Wrestling- but this time not for once, but for consecutive four times he grabbed the classy prize- (2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009). Then, in 2010, again he had been placed in middle of second and third runners up being declared as Gold Medalist of Commonwealth Games held in New Delhi.

Wrestling in India has always been an integral part of ancient royal families. It used to be an image creating procedure for those really boasted families in ancient India keeping body builders building their bodies/training others in the frontyard of the big palace. Then, why not today it can be a passion, when there is no scarcity of modern amenities to use for perfectionist in Wrestling?

This person actually saw the dream at tender age and i.e. 14. When he was 14 years old he started to be trained at the Chhatrasal Stadium’s Akhada. He got trained by two Indian Pehlwans named Yashvir and Ramphal and in the latter part of his training period Satpal trained him following by Gyan Singh.

This is how; Sushil got himself fully prepared for challenging world’s best wrestlers and at last found his name inscribed with gold. Today, the entire world knows him and wrestling aspirants make him as their examples to reach the respective destinations. Sushil Kumar, a renowned name in Indian wrestling history.

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