Top 10 Football Clubs in India

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Lunacy, in true sense spills out from a lidded pitcher, when Football knocks on the doors. The whole world gets intoxicated when it gets injected with a Football-drugged syringe.

At this time, sport lovers go on riding over any impossibly climbed-over mountain to have glimpse of Live Football Players kicking balls with world’s most expensive sports-shoes.

Football lays by Cricket, in India

Though, cricket is the god of sports in India, but over years, this game has also reached the last door of spectators’ Extent-of-liking. In India, Football is with no-doubt one of the most spectacled games, next to cricket and got its popularity in some of major states of India, viz. West Bengal, Goa, Kerala, the complete North-east India with especially Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur and Sikkim.

Ups and Downs of Indian Football League

Indian football team had been Asian Champions for two times and today India’s ranking domestic football league is the I-League. It has been popularized by entire India being hub to most renowned football clubs of India. The foundation of I-League took place in the year of 2006 after the split-up of India’s top football league National Football League.

Connects to football clubs, which used not to be involved in I-League were upheld. Every season of football tournament two clubs get demoted from the I-league and switched over by two from I-League 2nd Division (2nd ranking football league in hierarchy). I-league gets gamed between 14 top football clubs of India. The top ten of them are:

  • Churchill Brothers: - Goa
  • Dempo Panjim: - Goa
  • East Bengal: - Kolkata.
  • Mohammedan: - Kolkata.
  • Mohan Bagan: - Kolkata.
  • Mumbai: - Mumbai.
  • Pailan Arrows: - Kolkata.
  • Prayag United: - Kolkata.
  • Pune: - Pune.
  • Salgaocar: - Goa.
  • Shillong Lajong: - Shillong.

This is the champions’ list of top football clubs in India. Especially, Salgaocar, Dempo and Churchill Brothers have been the consecutive champions of I-League. For Indian youngsters who love to see the dreams of Football entry to I-League is the ultimate destination for them. The criteria and requirements declared by I-League reflect of skills and utmost energy level to carry out the title of championship every time tournament begins.

Though not much Liked, but…

Football game, though, is not much enjoyed by largest Indian spectators, due to irregularity in its maintenance and financing, but expected to be liked by Indians also very shortly.  If these football clubs are financially backed up with sincerity, keeping the world’s football standard in mind to train the emerging footballers, someday will surely be opened for football game in India, too. 

Change in taste is the nature of nature, eve, then, a little bit change in the taste of sports would expectantly take place, though, it would not reach that ultimate extent, but, football will make entry in the top 10 list of world football teams.

Hence, addressing to all football dreamers “Get your bag packed now and start your journey to reach the top level of Football Sports World.”

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