Top Football Teams Qualified for FIFA World Cup 2014

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The craze and uncontrollable lunacy is just about to begin once again on earth. The whole world will again remind of the Shakira song but this time it would be something new for sure. Billions of peoples’ eyes would be on one channel and millions of hearts would be beating faster in the stadium.

The FIFA is just supposed to stir up the stagnant lunacy once again like every scheduled year. 2014 is going to set the humanity ablaze at repeated time. Undoubtedly, there are flocks of games and tournaments keep on getting held every month of every year. Not a single season is left untouched by any of games on earth, but the FIFA is leads the species of games on earth. It acts like head and shows the world of its being all-in-all.
Football world cup 2014

Brazil and Spain, these names which never leave blazing after the tournament; whereas others are at hard-core try-out to get over the title i.e. FIFA Confederation Cup too. In 2014, Brazil would be the hosting team whereas; the qualification process of other teams to get included has been ON. The game is not just a game.

On other way, football has been considered as the well-designed and of great consequence game than anything else. There is cricket, hockey, badminton, tennis, swimming, running, car racing, bike racing and so many more, but the football one is being considered as the top of all.

At the time of FIFA Confederation cup tournament, people in India, when India Football team is so far from the view list, leave usual tasks and make a new routine of their daily lives. This is the influence and craze of football which live over the mind, in the body of each single piece of human being.

Sharply, 1 year presently and just before the 2014 world cup becomes in progress in Brazil. The time is for looking back at calculation or you can say the prophecy from nine months sooner than and predictions any changes to the 32 nations which will give tough competition at the finals for sure.

Up to now, only couple of nations has been long-established as participating in the pride and joy FIFA even – Brazil being hosts and Japan from Asian meeting the criteria section. Many of the nations are not having many more matches left to get involved in the meeting-the-criteria segments, along with certain nations requiring only one or two more triumphs to fasten their entries in Brazil in coming year.  The met-the-criteria teams are spread out like: -

  • Brazil, Host – one place.
  • Africa (CAF), five places.
  • Europe (UEFA), 13 places.
  • North and Central America and the Caribbean (CONCACAF), three or four places.
  • Oceania (OFC), zero or one place.
  • Asia (AFC), four or five places.
  • South America (CONMEBOL), four or five places.

Thus, this is the arrangement of FIFA 2014 teams has been organized. So, time to rock and roll with each kick off.

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